5 Essential Tips To Wear A Saree In Monsoon

Rain is falling Chama cham, but are you able to face it with impeccable vogue and swag? If you’re mentally drooping head in agreement, then hear our recommendation – bring out your ethnic vogue queen this monsoon and splash some glam around. Let the rains not keep you off from all the engaging sarees assortment this season. However, managing a dress all told the rain, mud, and wetness may be a mammoth task. Or because it would seem.

But no additional. scan our greatest five tips to understand a way to wear dress sort of a fearless blue blood, rain or shine.

Color comes first

Okay, this can be a variety of given. Monsoon isn’t the season for pastel shades, creams, and whites. If you always have lightweight shade sarees in your wardrobe, Monsoon may well be the correct time to enjoys some online dress looking.


Experiment with bright colors like orange, blue, purple or paints the city in red. With dark colors, you wouldn’t get to worry over the mud stains, as you got with whites and lightweight shades. and brighter shades don’t continue your contours once it rains.

Fabric next

In monsoon, strictly select chiffon or poly cloth and keep your cotton and loom sarees cornered. They take longer to dry and also the stains won’t return off simply. Also, avoid silk after you are online looking sarees, as they are going flaccid in rain.

Choose footwear with wisdom


We know carrying a dress concerns those pretty high heels, but monsoon is certainly not the correct time to wear them. therefore continue flats and don’t wear valuable sandals. carrying animal skin in rains is additionally out of the question, however, you’ll strive your hands at the gorgeous plastic and rubber monsoon footwear assortment. There are ample styles to decide on from and also the sensible ones don’t even appear as if plastic! however forever avoid sandals with loose straps.

Don’t forget your makeup

Your dress look is incomplete while not the apt makeup. take recent appearance rather than significant makeup. You wouldn’t wish to use significant foundations once it rains. select waterproof eye makeup, apply lightweight dabs of your foundation, apply sunblock (yes, albeit it rains, sunblock may be a must) and a few lightweight moisturizers. Experiment with dark lip shades and exotic perfumes that match your monsoon sarees assortment.

Finally, the draping


Last however not the smallest amount, the drapes. Tie your dress very little above usual once it’s descending outside and certify it doesn’t go below your articulatio plana. Keep a bunch of safety pins handy this season and pleat your dress fine. certify your pallu isn’t too short or too long. Use it to hide your head and ears just in case of robust winds.

And enjoy the monsoon desi vogue

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