5 Ways to Swoon With Your Kanjivaram Saree Style

The texture of silk and also the fall of the drapes square measure absolute to create anyone go weak on the knees. Kanjivaram saree is not any exception! This golden saree derives its origin from town of Kanjivaram, wherever weavers weave a unique tale with this charming silk fibre.

Before this sort of frock was typically thought of for the older crowd because it was too significant and additionally had terribly less accessibility of variations. push aside your nightmares of carrying yourself on a silk saree and check out experimenting completely different draping vogue patterns before you assault to feature a replacement kanjivaram saree to your vogue closet.

Richness of the silk material is therefore beguiling that a distinction shirt will be worn for keeping the onlookers focal attention on the shirt yet as on the frock. in contrast we have a tendency to mean a unique material shirt on the whole! this might be cotton material long abused kalamkari saree or rajasthani based mostly cutch saree with vibrant floral embroidery spangly thereon.

This stark distinction will add on to your overall look!

  • Add a Splash Of Junk jewellery

You need not deck yourself in the least times in pure gold or silver metal jewelry once you’re sporting kanjivaram silk sarees! With changes in trends and pattern, you’ll additionally show some variations by sporting jaipuri style jewelry or terracotta mud work handcrafted jewelry.

If your frock is single colored with slim border, such terracotta based mostly work would look beguiling. don’t decide on a similar, if your overall body of the frock is heavily embellished.

Diamond and gold would be subsequent stylish choice to opt for over terracotta based mostly jewelry.

  • Drape vogue selection


Since the frock is simply too significant, making an attempt out completely different drapes may well be intimidating. however you would like to be wise and attentive to the various drape patterns before selecting a frock. If you wish to specialize in frock border, then Gujarati drape would be the best!

For exceptionally beguiling border – choose Mumtaaz Draping vogue pattern.

  • Kanjeevaram frock with a shirt

Drape a frock with full pleats on!

Wear a shirt rather than a shirt and so bring the pallu to the front and fasten with a belt.

Try experimenting! however check that you select kurtas that have some relevancy with the border of the frock, else your overlook are going to be a collapse to sport. an enormous bindi and a few bimetallic jewelry and jhumkas can go okay this vogue.

  • Long Sleeveless Jacket vogue Look


Jazz up your ethnic look by sporting a nicely woven stunning brindle jacket as saree shirt.

Since this vogue is in rage nowadays, it’ll boost your look quite ever before.

Nowadays it’s all the additional easier to shop for Kanjivaram sarees on-line instead of reading one from the shop shops at intervals town. assault to interrupt the cliché sort of sporting brocades and sequins for silk sarees and check out being daring and tiny far-out to face except for the group.


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