Salwar Kameez Designs For Women That Are Absolutely Trendy

Salwar kameez is a dress worn by girls and women in India, it is also worn in other countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is a dress showing traditional roots and feminism. The salwar kameez is formed of three parts, kameez, salwar, and dupatta which should not be underestimated as it plays a key role in completing the outfit. Kameez can be defined as a tunic or top, salwar which is the bottom trousers and lastly the dupatta that is used to cover the top half of the body and can be made from a wide range of fabrics.  Although the dress is indeed timeless and iconic, in recent years the outfit has had a makeover to incorporate modern fashion trends to keep it up to date with the market. These updated designs have made the salwar kameez suitable wear for any occasion at any time of the year. The fabrics used for the salwar kameez range from cotton to silk fabric. Designs of today are a combination of classical and innovative modern design.


Anarkali style salwar kameez is a modern style originated during the Mughal period. It is usually floor length and is an elegant wear for all prestigious functions such as weddings and parties and other social events. Designs used for this style are usually heavy embroidery which may include beading or mirror work. They come in a range of fabrics but the best suited fabrics are silk and georgette fabrics which look elegant for evening time functions where your outfit is sure to be the sparkle in the sky.


Straight-cut style can be called a classic one which is also the most common and affordable style available in India. This Readymade suits is for all body types and hence feels most comfortable, another feature that adds to the comfortability of the outfit is that cotton fabrics are chosen to make this style salwar kameez. Cotton is a breathable fabric making it the best and only choice for the severe summer weather in hot climate regions such as India. Straight-cut salwar includes a straight long kameez with long sleeves and a narrow trousers with a dupatta to match the top. Salwar can be narrow trousers or even leggings if it matches.


Originating from Punjab, Patiala style salwar kameez is a traditional one with a rich history behind it. Initially being a uniform for girls and women of Punjab, the style rapidly spread across India, after being seen in many Bollywood films and making it widely worn by Bollywood actresses at red carpet events.The kameez is usually heavily decorated with embroidery or mirror work and is normally suited up with baggy pants which has pleats which appear to look like many pockets. This style looks best in deep, dark colours, purples, greens,oranges and reds are best looking colours in this design.


Jacket salwar kameez is a style that has recently come to light and has a few variants. Originally introduced during the Mughal period, it seems modern, this style is one where a jacket can be worn over the kameez, it may be a full jacket or a half jacket, worn open or even closed.  In this style, the kameez can be left plain while the jacket can be heavily decorated to be the focal point of the outfit.


Churidar is a tightly fitting trousers which can be worn with a kameez to make this new style of salwar kameez. Churidar is a fashionable clothing article which can also be paired up with other clothing articles such as Kurtis and other ethnic topwear. It makes for a comfortable wear and an easier clothing selection as you can easily mix and match the top kameez with different churidar styles and colours, making life a little stress free.


Palazzo pants are a new trendy, hot style that has appeared on the market, no wonder why everybody wants to wear them now, so, for this reason, the palazzo pant style salwar kameez was introduced. Taking India by storm, it is a funky trendy option for young girls and women who call themselves trendsetters and can wear them and pair it up with a fancy stylish kameez to make it a perfect combination of both modern and traditional days.


The Pakistani style salwar kameez is one which is shared between Pakistan and India as women from both countries wear this style of dress. Known for its elegant embroidery designs using a combination of georgette and netting fabric, it proves to be suitable attire for important functions attended our by our nearest and dearest. Coming in a vast array of colours ranging from light colours to darker colours including black. The decorating embroidery is thoughtfully matched with the colour of the fabric to make it even more attractive to the eye.

Salwar kameez is a robust type of ethnic wear. Nowadays it is incorporated into both traditional wear as well as the average modern woman’s choice. Regardless of the occasion, salwar kameez is the best option for you to look your best and stylish irrespective of the chosen design, they are all fabulous. Regardless of your fabric or design preferences, you will definitely find a range of suitable options to wear, seeing as 2020 is just around the corner, say goodbye to all your 2019 outfits and you will definitely want to keep a list of trendy outfits on your mind as all the events will be coming around again next year.


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