5 Tips For Your Outfit While Attending A Wedding

Excuse or excitement, no matter you are taking it as…a wedding occasion is all you wish to bump off the saree look!

Do we very look wedding sarees online or flick it from your mom’s wardrobe?

But what if your mom’s wardrobe collections don’t seem to be in correct with this trend?

In that case, you’ll either ‘mix’ and ‘match’ and make a replacement signature look, creating an equivalent wedding sarees a trendy one.

Take a glance on how….

Netted Cape blouses are trending Now-a-days.

A simple textile saree or mysore silk frock paired with a different cape designed shirt will uplift your overall look.

Don’t you think that you need to do that..

  • A glimpse of VELVET


This Mehendi inexperienced color frock with a complementing pink border appearance merely fashionable. Paired up with a purplish blue colored velvet shirt, makes this saree equally appropriate for wedding occasions.

An Indian wedding saree needn’t be that gaudy and sparkling to appear in a marriage ceremony.

Bring in effortless vogue in trend, that causes you to look beautiful and royal at an same time.

  • Killer ‘Kutch’ vogue


Kutch stich vogue sarees square measure terribly stunning and might be worn by all age teams. These sarees are best weaved on crisp cotton or dhupion silk material, creating it an ideal choice as a standard wear for any merry or family get along.

Why not an equivalent for a wedding?

A wedding is such an occurrence, that not only bonds different families but also weaves the various frock cultures and trending fashion designs. Hence, a clear cotton frock with tannic acid shirt, a maharastri nath and bread hair style would look great! If not this, seek tannic acid frock and bump off this look with a side-braid.

  • Benarasi Bonding


Is a marriage ceremony ever complete while not a Gajra flower, gold bangles, and Benarasi frock adorned with golden buttis?

If you’ve one don’t miss trying this look

  • Mono-colour


If you’ve killer abs, edgy back, and perfect non-flabby arms – sleeveless blouse is here for you!
look slightly killer with this mono-colored frock look.


Make use of your own fashion and make your own style, by draping the marriage saree you’ve planned to wear for your friend’s upcoming wedding.



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