Look Out These Mistakes While Wearing A Saree

Yes, we tend to desi fashionistas love saree. but the sole reason we tend to mull over sporting it additional usually is as a result of draping and styling a saree absolutely well anytime takes plenty of follow. It’s a 3 piece consumer goods finally. however it’s additionally associate degree awful outfit to flaunt your curves. you’ll take a saree and create it mix it together with your temperament. All you’ve got to try to is look out for these five blunders whereas sporting a saree and say bye bye to fashion solecism.

Pinning it to the incorrect method:


Sure it’s not a decent plan to create holes in your favorite latest sarees by over-pinning. however a worse plan is to not pin your saree in the slightest degree. you need to secure your pleats and pallu with the assistance of a pin to create certain it doesn’t fall off. however don’t use over 2/3 pins overall. additionally the position of pins matter. try and check that the pins ar used with discretion and properly hidden within the layers of your saree.

Too low or too high:

It’s a typical mistake. once draping saree in a very hurry we frequently tend to tie it too high or too low. Either method it’s wrong. therefore before begin|you begin} attachment your saree substitute front a mirror and fix your half-slip placement well and so start draping.

Tying a saree too high is simply silly and attachment it too well means that it will slip down if you don’t pay enough attention.

Wrong half-slip:


Ladies, next time once you ar probing for latest on-line sarees, pay a while on half-slip searching also. Trust me, it’s even as vital. you can not wear a pink half-slip with a sky blue chanderi silk saree. It’s simply wrong. you’ve got to properly match the color of your saree and half-slip. It makes your entire ensemble look well sorted and brighter.

Ill-fitting shirt:

One of the largest saree blunders is sporting it with associate degree ill-fitting shirt. Remember, your saree is incomplete while not a complimenting shirt. certain you liked what Kangana Ranaut wore at that perform, however ar you certain it’s the proper style for you? you would possibly be ready to succeed that off-shoulder shirt few years back, however ar you certain it still fits you well? sporting a too-tight or too-loose, uncomfortable and mismatched shirt will ruin your entire saree look. therefore check that the shirt fits you well and also the style compliments your temperament before going out.

Footwear blunder:


So you’ve got got the newest sarees of the season, have done the accessorizing right and every one set to travel out. however what regarding your shoes? Flats, wedges, ballerinas don’t seem to be appropriate for saree. Heels ar your succor on saree days. If you’re tall or uncomfortable in high heels, strive kitten or block heels instead. Also, wear your heels before you begin draping your saree. It makes certain the length isn’t too-high or too-low.


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