Decoded: The perfect saree fabric for every body type

Saree is the best outfit for each and every occasion and festival. The attire can be worn as casual wear by Indian women. Sarees are made from many different fabrics. There are numerous patterns and designs of saree. 

The fabric is chosen as per one’s choice and sometimes climate conditions. Every woman has a different body type and she wears the outfit that suits best to her.  Saree is an attire that suits every type of body but you can choose a particular fabric that suits best to you. Let’s see how can you choose the fabric according to your body type. 

Hourglass Body:

When the size of your hip and bust are the same and you have a narrow waist then you are hourglass-shaped. Your shoulders may be rounded. In short, you have a curvy body, fitted garments look best on you. 

Light fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and net will be best for you as they will properly define your body posture. Wear the blouse in perfect fitting with three-fourth or long sleeves.

 If you wear the outfit in proper fitting then you can look slim and tall. Choose a simple neck for front and deep or designer for the back. 

Pear-shaped Body:

This is also called a triangular-shaped body. You have a narrow shoulder with slim arms and a well-defined waist. You can wear chiffon, georgette, rayon and satin fabrics. You can wear the sarees in different styles to define your body.

Choose for a thin border and small prints so that you don’t look very clumsy. You can prefer a broad neck blouse as you have a narrow shoulder. Stand collar and closed neck will not look so good on you. Open pallu tightly tucked at the waist will make you look stunning. 

Rectangular Body:

When your shoulder and waist are of the same measurement then you have a rectangular body. Off-shoulder outfits look great on you. Choose silk or cotton fabric to get a ravishing look. These fabrics will give your body a nice and attractive look. 

You can try different styles and patterns of a blouse. The backless blouse looks damn cool on your body shape. For the front, you can choose a wide neck design and a sleeveless blouse.  

Apple-shaped Body:

Having a broad shoulder and toned legs defines an apple-shaped body. Silk, chiffon, georgette, and handloom sarees are a perfect pick for you. For an alluring look drape the saree in Nivi style and keep an open pallu.

 Pair some traditional jewelry with the saree and wear heels to get a nice look from the bottom. Contrast-colored blouse and short sleeves will make you look sweet and elegant. Drape your saree in fitting to get a slim look.

Diamond-shaped Body:

When your waist is broad than your shoulder and lower body then you have a diamond-shaped body. Net sarees will look wonderful on you. You can also wear other light fabrics like chiffon, cotton, or georgette. 

Three-fourth sleeves of blouse will match perfectly with your body. Thin borders and floral prints will make you look more defined and good. Opt for vibrant textures and bold colors. You can choose any fabric as every fabric will look fine on you.

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